Jayzed Source Code License Agreement

This page covers the license link on the core, open-source, Financial Industry Business Model (FIB-DM) version.

More than 2,500 users downloaded the FIBO Data Model on the FIB-DM website. In addition, hundreds of derived data models, including migrations to other data modeling tools and added design content, are widely circulated.

They all have the original 2019 release’s copyright and license notes from the Object Management Group (OMG), Enterprise Data Management Council (EDMC), and Jayzed Data Models.

The screenshot image shows how to find the license information in SAP PowerDesigner.

  1. Locate a data model package in Object Browser and view its properties.
  2. License and Copyright are PowerDesigner Extended Properties, derived from FIBO annotation properties.
  3. The value shows the latest entry, the Jayzed license. Click on “…” to see all three license notes.

Other data modeling tools may have different object names (e.g., subject area or submodel for the package) and attributes (e.g., User Defined Property, UDP, or tag). See the FIB Universal website for Sparx EA and ER/Studio example screenshots.

Note that the Jayzed license only applies to commercial customers. If you don’t have a signed license agreement, you are licensing under the open-source General Public License. The FIB-DM Upgrade page discusses the core vs. full data model and copyleft GPL 3.0 vs. customer license in detail.