Company history and milestones

For almost 20 years Jayzed Data Models advised Global Financial Institutions and Consultancies.

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Here is a timeline of our most influential engagements.

Client Recommendation (LinkedIn)

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 Jayzed Data Models is engaging with national supervisors to promote Semantic Compliance®. Foundation is the family of Financial Regulation Ontologies (FRO). The core ontology, FinRegOnt has extracted and extended the common financial industry components from the Hedge Fund Ontology. Domain ontologies for Banking, Fund management and Insurance import FinRegOnt. Jurgen Ziemer presented the FRO at he 2017 FIBO Data Management conference in Atlanta. Jayzed has the Enterprise Data Management Council (EDMC) endorsement as a FIBO consultant.

 An engagement with an Alternative Asset Management firm spawned the Hedge Fund Regulation Ontology. It started with Semantic Rules to determine SEC registration and filing requirements, leading to loading Federal Regulations into the ontology, leading to onboarding forms and reports. The requirements apply to all Asset Managers and Jayzed Data Models published the ontology as Open Source.

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 The year marked the peak of Basel 3 it’s US implementation, the Comprehensive Capital Assessment & Review. Deutsche Bank Trust Corporation (DBTC) needed a BDW consultant with risk and compliance experience. The following year Jurgen moved to the bank’s Chief Data Office and evaluated the Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO). The semantic power of Ontology Web Language (OWL) compared to plain data models was an eye opener. Jurgen developed the Market Data and Financial Resource Management ontology. Since then Semantic Compliance became Jayzed Data Model’s focus. Jurgen has taught my team and me so much about data, specifically ontologies, structures and standards. We started out as a group with no knowledge of ontologies, triple stores, RDF, OWL or industry standards like FIBO. He trained my architects (some of whom I’d now call otologists) and he’s been an excellent source of knowledge for all things data, especially new innovations in language and semantics. We’ve relied on him as our resident expert and I’ve loaned him out to other parts of the bank (who’ve also learned about semantics and ontologies). Jurgen was a great addition to our team, a great contributor to our work and I’d have him back whenever I can. (director)

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 Citi bank’s Global Payments and Securities transaction services are a main revenue provider to the group and a major market player. In 2010 Citi licensed the IBM Banking Data Warehouse and needed a long-term architecture consultant. Jurgen customized the relational and dimensional data model for Assets under Custody, Statements, Receivables, Account Balances and Payments. The job and responsibilities were very hands-on. It included physical design for up to 1 billion row Fact tables and queries on production systems.  Jurgen brought in-depth IBM Banking Data Warehouse and Finance subject matter experience to our Enterprise Data Warehouse project. He knows where and how to extend the industry model for our specific business requirements and prune it for performance. Hands on, he also created the physical model for Warehouse and dimensional Marts and implemented the schema changes on Oracle. Superiors, co-workers and the business side hold him in highest professional respect and regards. (SVP)

Calling Jurgen a data modeler is a huge understatement. Jurgen’s contribution to our work in GTS was foundational and invaluable. Part evangelist, part subject matter expert, part data modeler, and part strategist, Jurgen brings the force of his personality and vision to every assignment, which happens to be a very good thing for the enterprise. Jurgen is also very willing to contribute not only to the strategic agenda but also to the workaday agenda, creating work products which move the project forward. In the era of model-centric enterprise architecture, Jurgen can be a game-changing component to your strategy. Above and beyond professional qualifications, Jurgen is also a good colleague and a good business partner. (SVP)


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 Accenture also provided consulting services for Basel 2 planning and implementation. The Asia practice was looking for Project Managers with proven Basel track record to lead local engagement teams. Jurgen did two tours to South Korea advising Korea Development Bank (KDB) a government owned bank specialized in commercial & investment banking and KB Kookmin, the largest retail & commercial bank. During these years Jayzed Data Models subcontracted for both IBM and Accenture.

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IBM Software Group licenses and services the Banking Data Warehouse Model (BDW), the de facto industry blueprint. In 2003 the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision published drafts to revise the standards governing the capital adequacy of internationally active banks (Basel 2). IBM extended the BDW and was looking for Sr. Data Modelers with Compliance and Investment Banking experience. For Jayzed this was the start of a great collaboration. Jurgen Supported implementation, education and sales at banks in North America (State Street, PNC, BOA, Wells Fargo / Wachovia, Scotia, BMO & NBC), Europe (Deutsche, HSBC, SEB, Bank Austria, Hanseatic, Russian Central Bank) and Asia (FCB, Kasikorn, KTB, and BCA).  Jurgen Ziemer is an exceptional Senior Data Architect. He was brought in to review a problem area of the data warehouse and immediately understood the issues and presented, at an Executive level, excellent recommendations and a way forward to solve the crisis. He then went on to tutor the team in logical modeling, his patience and skill whilst guiding junior members was commendable. It was a sad day for us all when he went to join Citi bank; he left a large hole in the department. I would hope to work with Jurgen again in the future and could not recommend him more highly. (DA)

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The company moved to the United States and incorporated in the State of New York. Credit Suisse first Boston years were learning years. The bank’s Global Data Administration had over 500 databases and 12000 tables. Jayzed contributes some 30 new database designs and extended  90 existing data models. Jurgen provided excellent Data Architect support on several projects I managed at Credit Suisse. He was extremely detail-oriented, thorough, with a keen eye on the big picture and consistently thinking strategically. He challenged the status quo, when appropriate, providing alternate and better solutions. (PM)

I strongly endorse Jurgen for his strong technical expertise in logical and physical database design and his professional work ethic. (DBA)


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 Jurgen Ziemer registered his business license and started as a data architect for the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The Xentric Bonds project to provided traders with value adding functionality and a windows front-end for XETRA electronic trading